Throughout 2016 we’ll post a bunch of songs from deep down in the vaults of the Quit Your Dayjob basement tapes. Once a month there will be some leftover ditty up for grabs. It might be from an old rehearsal demo or a live recording. Or maybe some track that didn’t make it onto an album. They might have nothing in common. Except that they are all handcrafted under the Quit Your Dayjob motto: ”Shit music for shit people”

Beer Dad (2009)

231179Posted by Quit Your Dayjob Mon, December 05, 2016 10:38:41
Next one up in this blog on previously unreleased QYDJ material; ”Beer Dad” was written and recorded during a demo session in Mission Hall Studios with soundguy deluxe Mathias Olden! All about the love of kids & beer…

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Afraid Of Myself (2003)

231179Posted by Quit Your Dayjob Wed, November 02, 2016 20:49:31
This was the only leftover track when we recorded our first EP (yes, ”the blue one”) in 2003. Apart from a little help by The Mopeds who lend us a Universal Audio compressor and some Telefunken microphones, we recorded this on our own, straight into a Fostex VF16, in the Lundavägen rehearsal space.

Me, myself & I, now who’s not scared of those guys!?

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Crack Queen (2001)

231179Posted by Quit Your Dayjob Mon, October 03, 2016 10:30:44
This one was an early live anthem for us. We performed it at every concert we did until 2003. Probably the most asked for song. Inspired by some crazy girl we saw dancing in the basement of La Couronne, way back when Eggstone were the owners of that joint. This was recorded live, just a beer injected one-take-only, straight into an analogue tape machine. The lyrics are forgotten and somewhat mumbled in the second verse, but whatever… it’s punk rock, baby!

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Happy Campers (2008)

231179Posted by Quit Your Dayjob Mon, September 05, 2016 12:02:51
One time we got accommodated in a big house somewhere on the outskirts of Kalmar. We get there in the middle of the night and were told we could pick any room available. The drummer finds a small room with a comfy looking bed. In the morning a high pitch scream wakes everybody up. Apparently the mother of the house had not been informed about the band situation and thought her five year old was sleeping in his own room, not with his older brother. The horror when she finds a tall hairy smelly drunk guy instead…!

This one was recorded for a demo session in Mission Hall, October 2008.

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666 Sex With Satan (2011)

231179Posted by Quit Your Dayjob Mon, August 01, 2016 18:44:30
It’s a date/ in the grave/ I wanna get laid/ heaven can wait

a flick of the switch/ diggin’ a ditch/ life’s a bitch/ six sic sex sects


The last track recorded for ”Word Domination” album in 2011, it didn’t make it, neither on time nor conceptually haha. This is what The B-52’s perhaps would sound like coming from LandskronA instead of Athens/New Jersey. Motion in the ocean.

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Be Bop Devil (2000)

231179Posted by Quit Your Dayjob Thu, July 07, 2016 00:39:50
Can’t really remember who was the Be bop devil on my radio. Some kind of UFO? Surreal. Anyway, this was also for the first demo we recorded in our rehearsal space, same session as ”Neon Leon”. On some of our songs we still used an electric bass guitar instead of the KORG M500 synth. On this one Marcass even played the feedback sounds with a monophonic handheld electromagnetic driver, aka the legendary EBow!

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Warmachine Pummel (2007)

231179Posted by Quit Your Dayjob Wed, June 01, 2016 00:10:48
Phew, this piece of music took a strange journey; We intended to do a full-blown cover of the Kiss song ”Warmachine” but ended up with just some kind of electronic intro skit for the ”Tools For Fools” album. It was partly recorded in a closet with New York rapper R.A. the Rugged Man. Originally it even featured a guitar solo by Aki from Japanese band Electric Eel Shock. Our label then got a question from EA Sports to use it in a game called ”Facebreaker”, but for legal reasons (e.g. avoiding the rage of Gene Simmons) we changed two notes in the bassline and sent the song to Lexington, Kentucky where Natti from CunninLynguists threw us a new verse. Voilà!

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Napster (2001)

231179Posted by Quit Your Dayjob Tue, May 10, 2016 20:38:41
Möllevången, October 1999. First 56k dial up. Discovering Napster. Spending time in chatrooms, drinking and downloading all the new (&old) music you could ask for. Revolution in the air! But little did we know that this thingie would actually lead to destruction when we released the first QYDJ album in 2004. It was like someone put a nuclear bomb on the record industry. ”You have to get on the road” they said in sheer panic. So we did. They got something we want. And we want it NOW. This was recorded & mixed by the guys from Bent Spanner Arty Banner in the Dundret Studio in August, 2001.

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Generation Chop Up Mess (1999)

231179Posted by Quit Your Dayjob Mon, April 04, 2016 23:57:39
This must have been one of the first QYDJ songs written, we had not yet found our recipe, but you can hear us searching. The tempo is kind of mellow, sounds bluesy… Recorded on one of the first early digital porta studios, the KORG D8. The use of a Hammond B3 sound and a slide guitar was probably a onetime only. Nutty.

just put it in a blender/ comes out real juicy & tender

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Drive You Out Of Business (2010)

231179Posted by Quit Your Dayjob Wed, March 02, 2016 14:00:11
come promoters/ all you roadies/ listen up soundguys/ merchandise/ we’re gonna drive you out of business

This was recorded 2010 in Mission Hall Studios. It was in the batch of songs aimed for ”Word Domination”. It didn’t make it to the album but it’s still a funny song. Slightly overproduced haha. I’m not sure Quit Your Dayjob ever drove some promoter out of business? It’s possible. Here’s just a couple of the clubs that might have gone bankrupt because of QYDJ:

Underworld, London. Prager Fruling, Munich. Satin, Orebro. Abart, Zurich. Metropol, Hultsfred. Metro, London. Colony, Milano. Mejeriet, Lund. Garage, Oslo. B & B, Halmstad. Diagonal Loft, Forli. Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg. Kaseme, Basel. Estragon, Bologna. Buffalo Bar, London. Exhaus, Trier. Schlacthof, Wiesbaden. Charlotte, Leicester. Stollwerck, Cologne. Colombia Halle, Berlin. Prisma, Vasteras. Warehouse, St. Polten. Schutzenhaus, Ins. Roncade, Treviso. Circolo Degli, Rome. Het Magazijn, Gent. Louisiana, Bristol. Windmill, London. Knaus, Trondheim. Roadmender, Northampton. Storan, Göteborg. Paragrafen, Oslo. Demobar, Halden. Cafe Central, Weinheim. Podion, Stockholm. Knaack, Berlin. Garage, Bergen. KB, Malmö. Republic, Salzburg. Flicks, Yeovil. Fabrik, Hamburg. King Tuts, Glasgow. Melkweg, Amsterdam. Bèl Chez Heinz, Hannover. Dirtywater Club, London. SO36, Berlin. Vera, Groningen. Islington Academy, London. Treibhaus, Innsbruck. Blå, Oslo. Posthof, Linz. Nalen, Stockholm. Stereo Total, Heilbronn. Stengade 30, Copenhagen. Mono, Oslo. Arcadium, Graz. Volksbad, Flensburg. Kvarteret, Bergen. Deposito Giordano, Pordenone. Freebutt, Brighton. Goranga, Milano. Arena, Vienna. Paard van troje, Den Haag. Komm, Nurnberg. Starclub, Dresden. Lava, Stockholm. Zeche Carl, Essen. AB, Brussels. Freebutt, Brighton. Hellmut, Saarbrucken. Barfly, London. Molotov, Hamburg. Nighttown, Rotterdam. Ekko, Utrecht. Lades, Copenhagen. Magnet, Berlin.

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Neon Leon (2000)

231179Posted by Quit Your Dayjob Wed, February 03, 2016 00:41:47
This one was recorded for the first demo back in 2000. We met Neon Leon 25 years ago when he walked into a club in Landskrona dressed as a pimp accompanied by a couple of foxy ladies holding his guitars. Some years later we saw him in a porn magazine. We wrote this song based on our first and only impression.

Then all of a sudden bits and parts of his story started to pop up here and there. He was mentioned in the Please Kill Me book. He was in the 70´s punk scene in New York City. He lived in the Chelsea Hotel, next to Sid and Nancy. He played with everyone from Mick Jagger to Debbie Harry to Johnny Thunders. He moved to Sweden to get away from New York. He released an album for EMI and toured the folkparks. He even participated on the Swedish Metal Aid. He moved to Denmark, converted to rastafari and changed his name to King Lion. He still plays in small bars and ski resorts and writes music for the Danish eurovision.

Evil Ray, Frank Suicide, Mike Fast, Bob Dallas, Neon Leon; there’s always a place for cats like these in a Quit Your Dayjob song.

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231179 (2006)

231179Posted by Quit Your Dayjob Tue, December 22, 2015 23:31:34
First up, a song sometimes referred to as The Freak Gospel:

Do not be afraid, not one soul will be forgotten or left behind when the Army Of Freaks in the year 2016 will leave this earth and together establish a new home on a planet known as 231179

We wrote the lyrics for this when the label asked us for some words for a press release in 2005 when we were about to put out the ”Sweden We Got A Problem” LP. We had a laugh when we wrote it. And we got so inspired by the space theme that we went out and bought the blue training suits seen on the album sleeve pictures. (The suits were actual leftovers from the Swedish Airforce.) We also put the lyrics on the album cover. And then the concept was complete, in some confused Quit Your Dayjob manner...

We got quite a few emails from kids who wanted to know how to get on the ship to planet 231179. Always answered them ”when you are ready, you will know, just look for signs in the sky." They never wrote us back. I hope they’re ok.

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