Throughout 2016 we’ll post a bunch of songs from deep down in the vaults of the Quit Your Dayjob basement tapes. Once a month there will be some leftover ditty up for grabs. It might be from an old rehearsal demo or a live recording. Or maybe some track that didn’t make it onto an album. They might have nothing in common. Except that they are all handcrafted under the Quit Your Dayjob motto: ”Shit music for shit people”

Neon Leon (2000)

231179Posted by Quit Your Dayjob Wed, February 03, 2016 00:41:47
This one was recorded for the first demo back in 2000. We met Neon Leon 25 years ago when he walked into a club in Landskrona dressed as a pimp accompanied by a couple of foxy ladies holding his guitars. Some years later we saw him in a porn magazine. We wrote this song based on our first and only impression.

Then all of a sudden bits and parts of his story started to pop up here and there. He was mentioned in the Please Kill Me book. He was in the 70´s punk scene in New York City. He lived in the Chelsea Hotel, next to Sid and Nancy. He played with everyone from Mick Jagger to Debbie Harry to Johnny Thunders. He moved to Sweden to get away from New York. He released an album for EMI and toured the folkparks. He even participated on the Swedish Metal Aid. He moved to Denmark, converted to rastafari and changed his name to King Lion. He still plays in small bars and ski resorts and writes music for the Danish eurovision.

Evil Ray, Frank Suicide, Mike Fast, Bob Dallas, Neon Leon; there’s always a place for cats like these in a Quit Your Dayjob song.

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