Throughout 2016 we’ll post a bunch of songs from deep down in the vaults of the Quit Your Dayjob basement tapes. Once a month there will be some leftover ditty up for grabs. It might be from an old rehearsal demo or a live recording. Or maybe some track that didn’t make it onto an album. They might have nothing in common. Except that they are all handcrafted under the Quit Your Dayjob motto: ”Shit music for shit people”

Drive You Out Of Business (2010)

231179Posted by Quit Your Dayjob Wed, March 02, 2016 14:00:11
come promoters/ all you roadies/ listen up soundguys/ merchandise/ we’re gonna drive you out of business

This was recorded 2010 in Mission Hall Studios. It was in the batch of songs aimed for ”Word Domination”. It didn’t make it to the album but it’s still a funny song. Slightly overproduced haha. I’m not sure Quit Your Dayjob ever drove some promoter out of business? It’s possible. Here’s just a couple of the clubs that might have gone bankrupt because of QYDJ:

Underworld, London. Prager Fruling, Munich. Satin, Orebro. Abart, Zurich. Metropol, Hultsfred. Metro, London. Colony, Milano. Mejeriet, Lund. Garage, Oslo. B & B, Halmstad. Diagonal Loft, Forli. Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg. Kaseme, Basel. Estragon, Bologna. Buffalo Bar, London. Exhaus, Trier. Schlacthof, Wiesbaden. Charlotte, Leicester. Stollwerck, Cologne. Colombia Halle, Berlin. Prisma, Vasteras. Warehouse, St. Polten. Schutzenhaus, Ins. Roncade, Treviso. Circolo Degli, Rome. Het Magazijn, Gent. Louisiana, Bristol. Windmill, London. Knaus, Trondheim. Roadmender, Northampton. Storan, Göteborg. Paragrafen, Oslo. Demobar, Halden. Cafe Central, Weinheim. Podion, Stockholm. Knaack, Berlin. Garage, Bergen. KB, Malmö. Republic, Salzburg. Flicks, Yeovil. Fabrik, Hamburg. King Tuts, Glasgow. Melkweg, Amsterdam. Bèl Chez Heinz, Hannover. Dirtywater Club, London. SO36, Berlin. Vera, Groningen. Islington Academy, London. Treibhaus, Innsbruck. Blå, Oslo. Posthof, Linz. Nalen, Stockholm. Stereo Total, Heilbronn. Stengade 30, Copenhagen. Mono, Oslo. Arcadium, Graz. Volksbad, Flensburg. Kvarteret, Bergen. Deposito Giordano, Pordenone. Freebutt, Brighton. Goranga, Milano. Arena, Vienna. Paard van troje, Den Haag. Komm, Nurnberg. Starclub, Dresden. Lava, Stockholm. Zeche Carl, Essen. AB, Brussels. Freebutt, Brighton. Hellmut, Saarbrucken. Barfly, London. Molotov, Hamburg. Nighttown, Rotterdam. Ekko, Utrecht. Lades, Copenhagen. Magnet, Berlin.

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