Throughout 2016 we’ll post a bunch of songs from deep down in the vaults of the Quit Your Dayjob basement tapes. Once a month there will be some leftover ditty up for grabs. It might be from an old rehearsal demo or a live recording. Or maybe some track that didn’t make it onto an album. They might have nothing in common. Except that they are all handcrafted under the Quit Your Dayjob motto: ”Shit music for shit people”

Happy Campers (2008)

231179Posted by Quit Your Dayjob Mon, September 05, 2016 12:02:51
One time we got accommodated in a big house somewhere on the outskirts of Kalmar. We get there in the middle of the night and were told we could pick any room available. The drummer finds a small room with a comfy looking bed. In the morning a high pitch scream wakes everybody up. Apparently the mother of the house had not been informed about the band situation and thought her five year old was sleeping in his own room, not with his older brother. The horror when she finds a tall hairy smelly drunk guy instead…!

This one was recorded for a demo session in Mission Hall, October 2008.

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